1890’s henna dyed wool dress

Currently on display in a pop up exhibit for the Costume Museum of Canada is this 1890’s henna dyed wool dress.  1890 copper dress CMC c

The lace is the best part by far!1890 copper dress CMC d

I think it was handmade.  1890 copper dress CMC k

It is on the cuff as well.1890 copper dress CMC jAnd on the front.

1890 copper dress CMC f

Here is a better view of the front.1890 copper dress CMC aThere is a black velvet panel up the front.  And that is where the closure is hidden (both sides).1890 copper dress CMC b

The black velvet trims the edges of the bodice…1890 copper dress CMC g

…and the skirt.1890 copper dress CMC i

There is smocking on the skirt that I imagine had a dual purpose of fit and decoration.1890 copper dress CMC h

So, some of these phone photos are okay and some just suck.  The thing is, they look fine on the phone.  I am due for a phone upgrade.  I’m going to look for one with a good camera!


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