Crazy deadlines

This is a small post because of self inflicted deadlines.

giphy (1)

One is a massive crochet project that I’ve had since spring.  I procrastinated all summer over it and now the deadline at the end of the month is looming…


…and of course it isn’t quite right.  I think the flaw may have to stay because I don’t have time to fix it properly.

The other self inflicted dead line is to finish my latest dress by this coming Saturday evening.  I just have the bodice to do…and I cut it out today.  I hope to have it sewn together tomorrow on my day off.  Get the fitting organized in the evenings after work and then madly trim it up Saturday during the day.  I need one of these…giphy (2)

It is doable, except I will also be working on the crochet project during breaks from that and work!  What have I done to myself!



2 thoughts on “Crazy deadlines

  1. Anna Worden Bauersmith says:

    Your top image was me just prior to a complete project meltdown this weekend. It didn’t help that a cold and migraine were thrown into the deadline mix. Thank you for the perfect visual for how I feel. I also Love the cat sewing.

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