The Vote

For my non-Canadian friends, Canada had a big election for our top leader.  It was a big election because it was, for us, the longest campaign since 1872 (78 days).  Apparently, Americans think that is adorable.  It was a big deal as well because many Canadians were getting royally pissed off at some of the dealings of the current Prime Minister.  I wont bore you with the details but I will say the positive of this is an apparent drop in voter apathy!  The advanced polls had a 70% increase.  Some aboriginal voting stations ran out of ballots and had to get more!  Aboriginals had a problem with voter apathy but not this time!

One news agency reports:

More than 68 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot in Monday’s federal election – the highest turnout at the polls since 1993.

That’s a jump of more than 7 per cent from the 2011 election.

Preliminary Elections Canada figures state that 68.49 per cent of eligible voters – or 17,546,697 people – went to the polls on Monday for the Liberal Party’s majority win.

Just 61.1 per cent of registered voters cast ballots in 2011.

On Facebook, there were tons of posts about the candidates and many more urging people to exercise their right to vote.  One of them was a “change you profile picture” campaign.  I chose one of my Victorian gowns  to represent the women of the 1890’s who fought for the vote women would get nearly 20 years later.adf90e46-380d-444c-a2c7-3bf065bc26b7

We have a new Prime Minister and now we wait to see what kind of leader he will be.  Fingers crossed, Canada!


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