Fright Night at the Fort

Shirley and I went to Lower Fort Garry for their Halloween Fright Night event.  It is great fun but there is almost no light so taking photos is hard.  Since I was wearing my new ensemble, I had hubby take photos at home in the day light.  I showed you the front view in my last post.SAM_3352

Here is the front view with the hat and my star bag….SAM_3357

….and the mantle (which after years of sitting in the closet, finally gets used.)SAM_3359

I’m lovin’ the side view.  It makes me think this is my new favorite!SAM_3353

This is the other side with the hat.SAM_3358

And the back view….SAM_3354


These are some of the accessories I chose to wear.  Note: some of them are from the gift I received a couple of weeks ago.  I loved wearing them!SAM_3355

The only place to take photos was in the modern welcome center…and even there the light was not ideal.  Shirley and I found another visitor who was willing to get a photo of us together.  Shirley is in her newest 1870’s dress as well.SAM_3366

Here are some of the best shots of her dress.SAM_3360

And my favorite one….SAM_3361

There is a statue representing the fur traders that came to this area on York boats and Shirley and I got a bit silly with it.SAM_3364

Watch your hand buddy!SAM_3372

2 thoughts on “Fright Night at the Fort

  1. Love, love, love your dress! The derby completes it beautifully.

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