Turn the page: it has been awhile

It has been over a month since I’ve shared a page from my cabinet card album.

Time for another page.SAM_3328

Dresses, dresses and more dresses.  I love it!  The left side is, I assume, Mother and two daughters. SAM_3329

Unfortunately, there is no photographers stamp so I can’t tell where they came from.  The plaid on the older daughters dress is fun isn’t it?  And the younger daughter has lovely trim on her dress as well.SAM_3334

That trim makes me think they may have had a bit of money.  I think the photograph is from the 1880’s judging by the hair style and dresses.

The other side is a mother, two daughters and a son.  When I zoom in on the faces of the women, I think they are actually the same people but years later.  I can’t seem to make my screen shot work so if you are keen you will have to do it manually.SAM_3331

This photograph was taken in…SAM_3332

…Manitou Manitoba Canada, which is just North of the North Dakota border.

On the back of this last photograph there is writing.SAM_3333

To Lucy.

That implies that, if this album is full of friends and family (and not a random collection of a collector like myself) then one of the owners is named Lucy!

More clues!

3 thoughts on “Turn the page: it has been awhile

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  2. […] photograph was taken in Manitou.  I have another card in this album from Manitou. The back of that card says “To Lucy” implying that if this […]

  3. […] name Lucy came up before. There is a card labelled “to Lucy” and I hoped this meant that Lucy owned the album.  […]

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