Turn the page: gentlemen

The next page of my anniversary gift album is two gentlemen.SAM_3335

There is a young man on the left.SAM_3336

He had his photo done in Sherbrooke Quebec which is east of Toronto (Toronto is where 3 of the photographs, thus far, have come).SAM_3338

I wasn’t able to find any information on the photographer and I can’t judge dates based on men’s clothing.  I just don’t know them that well.

The other fellow is older.SAM_3339

His photo was taken in Sundridge Ontario by Faulkner. (Sundridge is north of Toronto). I found Faulkner mentioned on this site.

John Crosby Faulkner (25 April 1843 to 16 February 1932) worked in Sundridge between 1889 and 1907, and is also documented there between 1914 and 1920. He operated a photography studio and fancy goods store on Main St.

I think this card is in the 1889-1907 range and not the teens and twenties date.


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