Anxiety wars with excitement

Any of you who have anxiety issues will relate to this…having total excitement morph into anxiety with a dash of OCD.

giphyI was on line yesterday getting my Air Miles flights to CoCo next summer and was really excited.  But I got so excited that I became anxious and almost talked myself out of going!  On my bucket list and almost talked myself out of going!  Sheesh!

I made myself do it step by step, “Oh,  just look at the flights and cost…you aren’t committed until you hit the confirm payment button.”   “Oh, just select the flights…you aren’t committed until you hit the confirm payment button.”  By the time I got to the confirm payment button I was pretty anxious…compounded by the fact that early on in this process, I had entered the dates for my Christmas trip accidentally and not the summer Coco dates!  That launched an OCD attack of checking and re-checking the dates to make sure they match up with each other.  (Excuse me while I go back and confirm that I have it right…)

Okay, I’m back.  Still right.  Whew.  Once the flights were booked I registered for the hotel and attempted to request room mates.  The email for the room mates bounced back undelivered.  Hopefully, I get that straightened out before the trip.  As nice as having a room to myself would be, I can’t really afford that!  I also had trouble booking my shuttle to the hotel but I can do that a couple of weeks before and be okay so I’m not sweating about that.

So the next step is contemplating what to wear.  I think I am going to go with what I have.  I don’t need the extra expense or pressure of whole outfits.  If I have time and feel inspired, I will make accessories to ADD to existing outfits so they will match the themes, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to freak out.  I wont be the only person who doesn’t match the theme.

Okay, it will be fine.  I will enjoy myself and I will be able to handle any glitches that may come up.  I am a grown up after all.


2 thoughts on “Anxiety wars with excitement

  1. Just Breathe. I get major anxiety, so I know where you are coming from. Definitely get a roomate or two. It’s nice to have someone to get ready with. You’ll be fine. My email is: I have roomates, but get in touch at CoCo and I’ll buy you a drink and help you breathe into a paper bag. 🙂

    • Lol! Thanks for the meet up and drink offer! I will take you up on that! I’ve calmed down now. I have learned over the years with most of my situational anxiety that it is best to break it down into steps and just take that next step. I know that if I do, I usually end up being glad I did and if I avoid the situation, I end up feeling like I missed out.

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