Baby dress I don’t need

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned being overwhelmed with deadlines. The overwhelming was a direct result of procrastinating and doing things that didn’t have a particular deadline.  One item was making a baby dress.  I don’t need a baby dress.  My kids are in their 20’s-not babies anymore.  And neither has any intention of making me a grandma in the immediate future.  I just liked the wool and had to have it.  I did finish the project this past weekend and I even managed to squeak out some booties with the left over wool.  IMG_20151109_065258429

I think it is cute.  Now to decide what to do with it.  Do I try to sell it in my friends craft sale?  Do I keep  it for some unexpected baby shower?  Do I hoard it until such time as I actually need it for a grand-baby?  You tell me!

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