Turn the page: Two more gentlemen

The next page in my anniversary photo album is two gentlemen.SAM_3341

The gentleman on the left has a very strong jaw and an impressive mustache!SAM_3342

I bet his eyes were ice grey!SAM_3343

He had his photograph taken by Lockwood & Lothian in Soo Michigan.  I didn’t have any real luck locating dates for this photographer.  And as I have said many times, I have no idea how to date men’s clothes.  But for connections to the other photographs I have a little more info.  Soo Michigan is 46 km or 28.5 miles from Sault Ste Marie Ontario.  Who, from this album is from Sault Ste Marie?SAM_3263

I think they look alike.  At least they have similar taste in hair and facial hair!  The jaws are different but the eyes are the same icy grey.

This girl is also from Sault St Marie.SAM_3258I wonder how/if they are related.

Back to the current page:  the other side is a young man.SAM_3344

His photo was taken in Sudbury Ontario and his photographer was AJ Lothian.  First facts first.  Sudbury is 364 km or 226 miles from Soo Michigan.  You would drive through Sault Ste Marie to get from Sudbury to Soo.  (Sudbury is 395 km or 245 miles North of Toronto and I have cards for Toronto as well).

These two cards have photographers with the same last name and they are fairly close in distance.  So my theory is that we have a family business or trade.

The edge of the card is scalloped and that started in 1886 and was popular until 1900.

So far there are several photographs from the Southern Ontario, Northern Michigan area.  I believe that most would have only been a day away by train.

There are a few photographs from Southern Manitoba.

And somebody named Lucy was given one of the photos so she may be the owner of the album.

One thought on “Turn the page: Two more gentlemen

  1. […] Her photograph was taken in Sudbury Ontario by AJ Lothian, who we see and find out about  earlier on in the album. […]

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