The project with a dead line

A couple of weeks ago, I was lamenting the fact that I had procrastinated a couple of projects and was killing myself trying to make up the lost time.  One of the projects was crochet ensemble I had promised a friend of mine.  He wanted it for Halloween in New Orleans and I was up to 4:30 in the morning finishing it. He picked it up at 5 am on his way to the airport.  Talk about cutting it short!

I blotted out the faces to protect the innocent...

I blotted out the faces to protect the innocent…

The colors are Harley Davidson logo colors.  The pattern is self drafted using my husbands clothes as a template and the stitch is a basic afghan stitch.  The idea is my friend’s based on samples he saw on line.

The original plan was for sleeves but I ran out of time.  I think the no sleeve option works…it shows off the tattoos he has on both arms.  The one you can see represents God pulling him from the grave and is in reference to his battle with cancer.  My youngest son did the simple line drawing that my friend gave to the tattoo artist (who then added the shading and definition.)

There was some left over wool from the project so I used that to make a project bag.  IMG_20151115_184634966I plan on making more project bags with left over materials.  I insist on having dozens of half started projects so at least I can have them in something better than cheap plastic bags that rip while they lounge around behind my couch waiting for me to get interested again!

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