Turn the page-West coast

The next set of pages in my cabinet card collection album is a man on one side and a woman on the other.SAM_3346

Close up of the man out of the album…SAM_3347

the photograph was taken in Vancouver British Columbia (aka BC), which is on our east coast.

77 Cordova St. (Vancouver)/1889

An internet search placed him at this address in 1889: 77 Cordova St. Vancouver

And this is the lady.SAM_3349

Just as a side note…we often think of Victorians as tiny people.  With the exception of the corset, this lady has a shape that is very typical of this day and age.

An internet search places Hall on 416 Cordova St. during the years of 1887-1891.

An internet search places Hall and the Vancouver Photographic Company on 416 Cordova St. (just a few blocks from the other photographer) during the years of 1887-1891.

The web site also had some interesting information about this photographers life. According to an 1883 newspaper article, Hall immigrated with his parents in 1867 to Canada (Ontario) and settled in Brampton. After moving to Toronto and working for R. Walker & Sons, he then started with Notman & Fraser, photographers, about 1869. He moved to Winnipeg in 1881 and formed a partnership with William Johnston as Johnston & Hall. By 1883 Hall had taken on a new partner, Skene Lowe. The partnership operated as Hall & Lowe. Lowe had moved to Victoria by 1885. Hall had visited Victoria and his brother Robert H. in Fort Simpson in the summer of 1884 and that may have prompted Lowe to relocate. Hall was reported doing itinerant photographic work in Medicine Hat in September 1886, and moved to the coast in July 1887 the Vancouver Photographic Company was opened that October. The Hall & Lowe studio in Victoria continued to operate under that name. The partnership was dissolved in May 1892 and Hall sold the Vancouver studio toDavid Wadds. Hall became sheriff of Vancouver, a post he held until 1917.

There is a notation at the back of the lady’s photograph.SAM_3351

And this is the reason I confined my searches around this date.  These two people lived in the same city and likely had their photograph taken at similar times.  Were they related?  I doubt they were a couple.  If they were, it would be more likely for them to use the same photographer.

And what relation, if any, do they have to the rest of the folks in the album thus far?  Geographically, they didn’t live close to the others but by November 1885 rail travel from Montreal Quebec to Vancouver BC was possible.  (That rail line was what convinced BC to join the confederacy.)  Were these two part of the same family and was the railway a contributing factor to the family spreading out?

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