Oh no!

I have hurt my shoulder just a week and a half away from going on a big costume trip.  I’m in a I sling at this point.  I may have to come up with a period appropriate sort of sling.  Maybe it is time to pull out my old Victorian medical book and see what they would suggest.

small passage of time…

No help there…but I can tell you how to treat a bullet wound if the bullet passed through the body.  For cases of fracture, the reader is told to call a doctor or experienced person and use what is at hand to secure the limb and stop any blood loss.

So what do I take from that?  If I still need a collar and cuff sling…11_N40_i610_218

I use what is on hand and I will quickly whip up a cover for it (one handed…might not be quick) so that it doesn’t look so modern.  I don’t need a full triangle bandage sling but it may do the trick while in costume.

It is a fairly minor injury so with any luck I wont need the stupid thing after all.

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