Anxiety wars with excitement

Any of you who have anxiety issues will relate to this…having total excitement morph into anxiety with a dash of OCD.

giphyI was on line yesterday getting my Air Miles flights to CoCo next summer and was really excited.  But I got so excited that I became anxious and almost talked myself out of going!  On my bucket list and almost talked myself out of going!  Sheesh!

I made myself do it step by step, “Oh,  just look at the flights and cost…you aren’t committed until you hit the confirm payment button.”   “Oh, just select the flights…you aren’t committed until you hit the confirm payment button.”  By the time I got to the confirm payment button I was pretty anxious…compounded by the fact that early on in this process, I had entered the dates for my Christmas trip accidentally and not the summer Coco dates!  That launched an OCD attack of checking and re-checking the dates to make sure they match up with each other.  (Excuse me while I go back and confirm that I have it right…)

Okay, I’m back.  Still right.  Whew.  Once the flights were booked I registered for the hotel and attempted to request room mates.  The email for the room mates bounced back undelivered.  Hopefully, I get that straightened out before the trip.  As nice as having a room to myself would be, I can’t really afford that!  I also had trouble booking my shuttle to the hotel but I can do that a couple of weeks before and be okay so I’m not sweating about that.

So the next step is contemplating what to wear.  I think I am going to go with what I have.  I don’t need the extra expense or pressure of whole outfits.  If I have time and feel inspired, I will make accessories to ADD to existing outfits so they will match the themes, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to freak out.  I wont be the only person who doesn’t match the theme.

Okay, it will be fine.  I will enjoy myself and I will be able to handle any glitches that may come up.  I am a grown up after all.

Turn the page: gentlemen

The next page of my anniversary gift album is two gentlemen.SAM_3335

There is a young man on the left.SAM_3336

He had his photo done in Sherbrooke Quebec which is east of Toronto (Toronto is where 3 of the photographs, thus far, have come).SAM_3338

I wasn’t able to find any information on the photographer and I can’t judge dates based on men’s clothing.  I just don’t know them that well.

The other fellow is older.SAM_3339

His photo was taken in Sundridge Ontario by Faulkner. (Sundridge is north of Toronto). I found Faulkner mentioned on this site.

John Crosby Faulkner (25 April 1843 to 16 February 1932) worked in Sundridge between 1889 and 1907, and is also documented there between 1914 and 1920. He operated a photography studio and fancy goods store on Main St.

I think this card is in the 1889-1907 range and not the teens and twenties date.

I’m going to CoCo!

I recently got word that I have won a scholarship to Costume College!  I am so excited!  giphy (1)

Right now I am working out whether I can afford to go next summer or hold on to it and go the following year.  I think the stars may align and allow me to go next summer.

As well as working out if I can afford it, I am also thinking about what to wear.  I don’t think I will make anything new for 3 reasons.

1) I want 2016 to be a stash busting and accessories year.  I already have more dresses than I can wear in a given costuming year.

2) I’d save money for my trip if I don’t buy any more fabric.

3) I want to alter some of my dresses for a better fit.

No, I don’t think I will make anything new but I will make accessories that will help me come more in line with the themes of the events. I do hope I will make new FRIENDS there.  I will be travelling alone so hopefully, I will meet people who will let me hang with them.  Hey, if you are there too, say hi!  I will be the lonely Canuck in a crowd of Americans!

Turn the page: it has been awhile

It has been over a month since I’ve shared a page from my cabinet card album.

Time for another page.SAM_3328

Dresses, dresses and more dresses.  I love it!  The left side is, I assume, Mother and two daughters. SAM_3329

Unfortunately, there is no photographers stamp so I can’t tell where they came from.  The plaid on the older daughters dress is fun isn’t it?  And the younger daughter has lovely trim on her dress as well.SAM_3334

That trim makes me think they may have had a bit of money.  I think the photograph is from the 1880’s judging by the hair style and dresses.

The other side is a mother, two daughters and a son.  When I zoom in on the faces of the women, I think they are actually the same people but years later.  I can’t seem to make my screen shot work so if you are keen you will have to do it manually.SAM_3331

This photograph was taken in…SAM_3332

…Manitou Manitoba Canada, which is just North of the North Dakota border.

On the back of this last photograph there is writing.SAM_3333

To Lucy.

That implies that, if this album is full of friends and family (and not a random collection of a collector like myself) then one of the owners is named Lucy!

More clues!