HSF 15: Challenge 11 silver screene

I had a project in mind for this.  A cloak.  But, a few things happened.  1) The event I was making it for ended up not needing it.  The weather was too warm. So the drive to get it done “in spite of it all” was gone. 2) The dang thing is simply ugly.  I use synthetic fibers because it is easier to keep clean and it is cheaper and for the most part I find that the average person can’t tell the difference.  But the fabric I chose, once stuffed with the warm inner lining took on a very modern puffiness that seemed to make the fabric shine in a very ugly plastic fabric way. It also looked like a side line jacket for a football player. To get rid of that puffiness, I had to sew down the seams which seemed like such a unauthentic thing to do.  It was becoming more and more hopeless as a possible entry.  3) All of these factors have left it in the UFO pile until I decide what to do with it.  The garbage bin is a distinct possibility.

So I need another entry.  Instead of the cloak in the picture below, I’m aiming for the gloves.

I was looking in the brown tones of the woman behind Judy Dench (don't you just love her?)

I was looking at the gloves worn by Judy Dench.


What the item is: fingerless gloves.

The Challenge: Silver screen

What’s your onscreen inspiration?: The above photo


Pattern: 18th century mitts as adapted here.

Year:18th century to  early 19th

Notions: 5 double point needles.

How historically accurate is it?: Very!  My wool was probably a bit thicker than what they used.  And perhaps not this color so 90%

Hours to complete: About 20

First worn: not yet

Total cost: $16

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