HSF 16: Challenge 1-Procrastination

I procrastinated this project because I am just not that happy with how it looks.  I am unhappy for two reasons: 1) It just doesn’t hang right.  I suppose if I open up the bottom seams, I could MAYBE fix it but I don’t know if I will because opening it up isn’t a definite fix, because I wont need it that often and because of “unhappy” reason number 2. Reason number 2) The synthetic fibers are SCREAMING “I am fake.”  I use a lot of synthetic fibers  because they are cheaper and they are more forgiving if I leave them in the sun or dump half a coke on them.  For the most part, I have felt that the average person doesn’t know the difference but for some reason, once I added the fleece to the inner layer for warmth, it began to look like a cheap UGLY modern winter coat.  Well, I will just show you…IMG_20160110_183519126

It does hang better when it is on me…I have legs Trudy doesn’t and it does photograph better in the dusky evening than the light of day, but still it is a huge disappointment.  There is one reason and one reason only that I will wear it…When it is the dead of winter and it is freakishly cold and I am wearing this….

I wore my Green Queen dress to the Dickens Festival.

I wore my Green Queen dress. Remove the thin lace at the neck and the white gloves and there is a lot of skin vulnerable to freezing.

So here is the usual write up…

What the item is: Mantle

The Challenge: procrastination

Materials: (Mistake number one) synthetic plastic…I mean fabric for outer layer and lining and fleece for the inner layer.

Pattern: (Mistake number two) self drafted.  To read what a “joy” self drafting this thing was click here.

Year: early Victorian

Notions: Ribbon for trim and ties.

How historically accurate is it? The only historically accurate thing is Canadian Victorians would have attempted to avoid freezing to death.

Hours to complete: I don’t know, but those are hours I wont get back!

First worn: Never…I hope

Total cost: I don’t know.  Lost bills

I hope my next big project will have more satisfying results!


2 thoughts on “HSF 16: Challenge 1-Procrastination

  1. Shirley A. Victorian says:

    The colour and style are actually nice. What if you weighted the front a bit , would that help?

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