Knitting up a storm

I have been enjoying the clickity click of my knitting needles lately and I have a ton of completed projects to share with you-and all have been completed in the past month and a half.

The first pair are fingerless gloves

The first project is a pair of fingerless gloves using scraps from the long gloves I made for Shirley’s Christmas gift.

I adapted this pattern (found here for the first page and here for the second page)s5508169The pattern calls for thinner wool than I had so I had to decrease the number of stitches and rows.  I’d like to try this in a thinner silk or wool thread as I believe it was intended more as a fashion glove than a keep me warm glove.

I really like the Greek Keys in the pattern.IMG_20151226_131131417

I liked this so much that I made full mittens out of the pattern using the left overs from the long gloves I made myself.  IMG_20160101_164940640

Neither of these are strictly authentic but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that someone with thicker wool and colder weather wouldn’t have done the same as I did so I will use them with my costumes if the need arises.

I also made a more modern pair.  I tried to purl rather than making the holes or the color change.  Not a great effect but neither is it nasty.IMG_20160110_202456565

I have another set on the go now in some blue wool.  Knitting is just the perfect thing to do while watching Netflix.


One thought on “Knitting up a storm

  1. Shirley A. Victorian says:

    They’re all nice. I have worn the ones you made me a couple of times to “break them in” . they are quite warm!

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