Vacation prep and apologizing

I will be leaving on vacation tomorrow.  (Back to Mexico-yeah!)  In years past, I worked ahead on blog posts for a couple of weeks so that the posts would come up on autopilot.  The mind set of that, is to keep my 3 regular readers from thinking I have given up blogging or just plain died.  A golden rule for blogging is be fairly regular so that people form a habit of visiting your blog.

Well, that is the mind set and that is why I worked for weeks on several full sized blog posts. But, this year with all the crap at work  with all of my stimulating extra curricular activities I haven’t had the energy or the brain power to plan that far ahead.  In a couple of short hours I have to come up with 5-8 posts.  I will now apologize as these posts will resemble text messages more than actual posts.  giphy


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