HSF 16: pleats

The Challenge: #2 pleats.

The sleeve cuffs were to be gathered according to the instructions but I used pleats.  I gathered the top of the sleeves.  The bottom hem could be gathered into a waist band but I went with the loose tuck in version (just a straight hem.)IMG_20160228_175355360

Material: cotton blend

Pattern: Truly Victorian TV441 1861 Garibaldi BlouseIMG_20160228_175306356

Year: 1861

Notions: buttons, trimIMG_20160228_175348353

How historically accurate is it?  The pattern is correct.  The fabric is a poly/cotton blend.  The trim is, at best, a blend but I am fairly sure the lace part is totally poly.  The buttons are plastic which is incorrect from my quick research. It is machine sewn, which is plausible but the button holes would have been done by hand not machine.  I believe the colors are plausible.  I’d give it about 60%.

Hours to complete: About 10

First worn: Not until this summer some time.

Total cost: The trim was given to me, the buttons were well under a dollar. The fabric was on sale and came to under $10.

This is the first piece for my 1861 Señora dress.


Adjustment period

At last I have a new computer.  And now the adjustment phase.  I have to remember internet sites that I used to have book marked. I have to learn where everything is and how it is done (Thank you Windows 10 for that necessity-and honestly I hate the look of many of my favorite sites now…I hate change.) I have to wait until my husband’s computer wizard friend or my son can salvage stuff from the old computer and/or I rebuild what can’t be saved.

I am thinking of all the photographs that are in that old machine.  I am grateful for this blog, Pinterest and Facebook because many of the best photographs are there at least. giphy

Bare with me a few more days….

Tuesday’s treasure: scissors

Tuesdays are my volunteer evenings at the Costume Museum. This past Tuesday I found a lovely pair of scissors. I don’t know the date.


It is hard to see on my phone (grrr) but I hope, on your computers (lucky devils), you can see the detail that caught my eye. The space in between the handles is shaped to look like a cross. I thought it was very pretty. I wonder if that was just a pretty decoration or if it was used in a church or if it was intended to remind the user to do their work for God. If any of you know more about this I’d love to hear about it.

Completed project: sortie 1858

I can’t compute – still no computer, but I can still knit. I have just finished a sortie, which is a winter bonnet. The Godley’s pattern is on the bottom of this phone screen shot. There is a full copy with plain modern instructions here: http://www.koshka-the-cat.com/sortie.html


I think my wool is too thick because mine seems bulkier than what I have seen other costumers make but, my winters are colder so I’m leaving it as is.





It is made from scraps from mitts I have made so now I have a set.
I thank you again for bearing with me and my technical issues.


Car: not dead and not expensive. One faulty oil filter=one totally free repair! Yeah!
Computer: dead. Hubby is talking to a guy who is talking to a guy who might
be able to get me one on a discount. But if one is not on the way by Saturday, I am going rouge and I’m buying one in a store known for expensive stuff. Just saying… Then I got to get my computer guy to do the autopsy on the dead one and get my files out. What voodoo is it that these computer wizards perform? I understand not.


I’ve done some shopping around for laptops, in case my worst fears come to pass. Yikes! Expensive! And they don’t come with burners any more! They do come with the worst program ever… Windows 10. Come
on! I am old and I don’t like change just for the sake of change. Sigh. And my car is no longer leaking oil… It is hemorrhaging. It is off to the extortionists… I mean mechanics tomorrow. And for the icing to my cake… I dumped half a bottle of nail polish on my carpet. (The combo of rubbing alcohol, hair spray, nail polish remover and elbow grease almost fixed
that. It didn’t help the shirt, pants, and bed skirt though.) Computer, car, carpet… I see a pattern here. I will be avoiding the coffee maker and the curling iron for the next few days….

Screen of black death

I had a lovely vacation but came back to reality with a slam! Cold weather, work 12 hours after landing, migraine headache and a laptop with a black screen. This post is being done on my phone… Not fun. I am assuming, after trying all kinds of on line advice (eg. Press these 3 buttons while simultaneously doing the highland fling) the computer is dead forever and ever. This means buying a new one and waiting for my computer guy to try and save what he can from the dearly departed. Please don’t leave me during what could be an extended absence! Biggest hurdle is convincing hubby to part with more money after a vacation and while my car is leaking oil. Sigh.