Possible solution.

If you recall, I wasn’t happy with how my last project for Historical Sew Fortnightly turned out.IMG_20160110_183519126

If you look past the obviously fake fabric, the top two layers are fine, but the bottom one is lumpy and foldy. I’m am leaning towards the idea that the fleece in between the outer layer and lining is the problem.  It may have shifted and stretched and is now pulling everything out of whack.  I may have found the solution.

I saw a fancy mantle at an auction site (don’t recall which one now) and they photographed the inside of the mantle.  fix my burgendy mantle

The lining and inner lining have been quilted together.  Then the fashion fabric is added.  Basically, flat lining to the max.

If I completely dismantle my bottom layer, and carefully quilt my fleece to my lining, I will get rid of the shifting and pulling problem.  Any problems with how I cut the inner lining could be addressed too.  I think it is easy to mess up cutting stretchy fabrics. If you have them just slightly pulled while pinning, they will pop back into shape once cut and unpinned and you can have wavy, rather than straight cut edges.  If I have done that and sewed the wavy edges like they are straight, I could end up with that weird hang.  Quilting to the lining (if done carefully) will reveal it and perhaps give me the means to fix or hide that problem.