Photo album: birds, babies and boys

It has been a couple of months since I last shared photos from my anniversary photo album.  Past due, I’d say!

The next page in the book is these two.SAM_3514

The baby, out of the page, does not offer any more clues.SAM_3516

It has been propped in the corner of a chair.  I can’t see any hidden parents.  There isn’t enough hair to guess if it is a boy or a girl.  There is no photographers stamp and no hand written notes.

The gent is a great photo!  Look at the stuffed bird (hawk?) that is set up next to him!  Oh, you Victorians and your dead things!SAM_3517

There is a great big ring on his hand and I love those “groovy” stripes on his pants!

Photographer info….SAM_3518

Gray, St. Mary’s

A quick internet search gave me the following quote. “According to St. Mary’s Museum, a studio operated in the town by the name of Gray Bros. from 1883 to 1889. However, there was a John N. Gray (who may have been one of the brothers) who also had a studio there from 1886 to 1900.”

You really should go to the site I found that info!  The card being featured there has the exact same font for the photographers name.  The writer of that post figured his card was from 1891 so it would have been done by John N. Gray.  It isn’t likely the two studios would have used the same font for their cards.  I think mine is earlier (1880’s) though because that seems to be the time frame of the other cards in my album.  I don’t have any other proof though.  My knowledge of men’s clothes is nearly non-existent.


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