Photo Montage Entitled: Sigh!

I found this in the Costume Museum last night….img_20160315_192220778.jpg

A very ornate chatelaine.  I’m guessing 1890’s based on similar ones I saw on-line. The clasp appears to be a mermaid and a cherub.img_20160315_192229228.jpg

The clasp has a long piece on a hinge. img_20160315_192402603.jpg

The lady would slide that into the waist band of her skirt and the weight of the chatelaine would close the hinge and keep it in place.img_20160315_192453004.jpg

Before we get to the pretty part, I will quickly show you the back of the whole piece.  You will see that it is kept pretty plain.img_20160315_192443298.jpg

You will notice from the first photo, that the clasp portion has 4 chains coming down.  Each chain is rather pretty too.img_20160315_192505781.jpg

The first chain on the clasp (scanning left to right) is the holder for the scissors.  Those are lost unfortunately.img_20160315_192253507.jpg

The second and third chain from the clasp hold a center ornament.img_20160315_192235095.jpg

My guess is Poseidon to go with the mermaid theme and two more cherubs.

Poseidon has four chains and the first of those holds a pin cushion that looks like a little book.  The “pages” are actually a thick piece of felt that holds the pins.img_20160315_192258417.jpg

Next to the pin cushion is a case for the tape measure.  The tape itself seems to be gone.  I don’t think it got sucked inside the case.  The case has a cute little crank for winding the tape back inside.img_20160315_192304150.jpgThe next item  is the little reusable note pad.img_20160315_192314470.jpg

I have seen those with ivory but this is thin wood, I think.

The next item and the final item hanging from Poseidon is the thimble.img_20160315_192322611.jpg

The next item on the chatelaine hangs from the forth and final chain on the clasp and it is the needle holder, the lid of which still easily comes off.img_20160315_192340536.jpg

The Costume Museum is going to be doing an “Accessories” display this spring and I get the fun job of finding various items of jewelry for this display.  This is my first selection.  Home Run for my first go!


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