More mitts and sweet souvenir

I was at the museum last night, sorting through some random jewelry, looking for pieces for an upcoming display.  I found some pretty sweet little numbers and I’ve taken photographs to dole out here.

Today’s piece is some sort of pendant or medal that was possibly a memento of the big event of the crowning of King Edward.  I have no idea if it was something that you “had to be there” to get or if it was something sold through out the empire for people to have and collect. img_20160322_180159747.jpg

If you take a closer look….2b (2)

The medallion says “Coronation day 26th June 1902.

Cool fact: The coronation of Edward VII and his wife took place at Westminster Abbey, London, on 9 August 1902. Originally scheduled for 26 June of that year, the ceremony had been postponed at very short notice, because the King had been taken ill with an abdominal abscess that required immediate surgery.

Obviously, the medallion was made in anticipation of the scheduled coronation.

Here is the  back half.img_20160322_180104238.jpg

2a (2)

Children’s Fete Glasgow is imprinted around the coat of arms.  I gather there was a party for children in Glasgow and some or all of them received on of these as a souvenir.  I Googled it to see if I could find mention of the party and what they did but all I could find was more examples of this medal on sale.  So not desperately rare.

As a random addition to this post, I finished another pair of wool mitts.  I think I will put these up for sale at my friends craft sale.  I was playing with the stripes and they just wont work for costumes and I don’t need another modern pair.img_20160321_160829904.jpg


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