Bar pins: circa 1910-20

The Costume Museum of Canada has a group of bar pins dated 1910-20. 4a Many are similar in appearance.  Unsold items from a store?4b

In the above photo, all the pins are in pink.  The one in the foreground and the one in the back ground are double the length of the one in my hand and the small one on the table.

When you zoom in on the pins, you can see that they are patterned with a pink enamel or glaze over top.4b (2)

Cute how my nails happen to match, eh?

There are pins that are the same in shape and sizes but in a blue color.4c

In behind the blue pins are slightly bigger pins. These also have a pattern with a glaze or enamel over them.4eI really liked the pin I am holding in the above photo.  The others are too plain for my tastes.

There is a final pin that is along the same lines as the two above but in white with a floral design.4d


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