Look what I found!

My kid is moving back home.  This means that I am spending my Easter Holidays converting my sewing room to a bedroom again. (Happy Easter, by the way!) I’ve been packing things up and moving them around and finding new homes for everything.  And as is usually the case in such projects, I needed to tidy up other areas to make room!

I was tidying up the Halloween/work costume boxes and discovered something I forgot I had.  My grandmother made it somewhere around the 1970’s.  IMG_20160326_163438387

1970’s does 1870’s?  It is rumpled from being in a box for some 40 years (only seeing the light of day a handful of times and never actually worn as a Little House on the Prairie bonnet).  But being stored means it is in pretty good shape.

If you know me, you know that I view my Grandmother as a kindred spirit.  The fact that she made this bonnet is more proof that she would totally “get” my Victorian costuming hobby if she was still here and that she’d be totally willing to play along. I have piece of kindred spirit evidence…sam_0386

Anyway, back to the bonnet…. I think it is finally going to get a turn at being what it was intended for-be a costume piece.  I have some cotton fabric that is destined to become a dress this summer and I think they go together reasonably well.IMG_20160326_164025666

Bonus? That is one less piece I have to come up with!


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