Turn the page: Another owners name.

The next page in the photo album my husband got me for our anniversary is a head shot and a group photo.IMG_20160327_124603864

This is the gentleman out of the sleeve.IMG_20160327_124621767

Piercing eyes, aren’t they!  The bottom of the card seems to be chopped off so I had to do a Google search to figure out where this photograph came from.  The name of the photographer, G H Presby led me to this site, and gave me the idea that this photograph may have been taken in Sherbrook Quebec.  Again, many of the cards in my album came from this section of Canada. Another search gave some dates.  The sixth photograph down on this site, is another photograph by this photographer at the same location.  Their research places the photographer in this studio from 1874 and 1890.

The next photograph is the family group. (Love her little neck tie!) I wonder if the photograph in the background is part of the photographers props or if it was a person of significance to the family.  A dearly departed, perhaps?IMG_20160327_124654197

The photograph was taken in Manitou.  I have another card in this album from Manitou. The back of that card says “To Lucy” implying that if this is a family album and not an album cobbled together by a collector, then one of the owners is named Lucy.

The above family photograph from Manitou also has an inscription on the back.IMG_20160327_124706789

One could imagine that the mother in the photograph is named Mary, her Uncle is named Will and perhaps Will is married to Lucy!


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