This bugs me

This bugs me is a very lame title but I’m going with it.  Last week at the costume college I found a very unique bar pin.  I have no clue as to the date but it is worth a share here because it is odd!victorian bug aI took this photo at several angles trying to catch its essence.  Do you see it yet?victorian bug cYou catch a bit of the color…green under tones.victorian bug dHow about this angle.  Do you see it has a face?victorian bug d

A face, I tell you!  And legs!victorian bug f

Awe dang!  That photo didn’t work out so well!  But, what we have here is some type of beetle mounted on to a pin.  Beetle wing embroidery was popular in the Victorian era but I couldn’t tell you if this is the same type of bug.  Maybe it is a scarab that would have appealed to folks in the peak of interest in Egypt.  I don’t know.  I also don’t know if I’d enjoy wearing this on my clothing.

2 thoughts on “This bugs me

  1. you do get whole beetles mounted as jewellery in the victoiran era, there are even necklaces with stuffed hummingbirds. I’d wear it, its not like its going to come alive and eat you brain…or is it?

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