Mini pins

The Costume Museum of Canada has some pins that are very tiny…no bigger than my thumb nail.  I think they are Victorian or Edwardian based on how the clasp is made.minis thumb nail length a

Same pins, just a different angle.minis thumb nail length b

And how about these.minis thumb nail length c

Hope you enjoy….


7 thoughts on “Mini pins

  1. Leiflynn jeffery says:

    The pins are very interesting. Where is the Canadian Costume College located. Sounds like it would be something to visit. I am in Saskatchewan. Thanks for your posts.

    • The Museum is the collection itself. It doesn’t have a building to display things. It does pop up exhibits through out the city. This is why I share pictures on line… So everyone has a chance to see them.

      • Leiflynn jeffery says:

        You are in Winnipeg? How do you find out where the pop up viewings are? Do they have a contact list or something? I am trying to get a costume society started in my hometown do you have any pointers for doing this? Lots of questions. Thanks so much.

      • I know about the pop up exhibits because I volunteer for the museum. Lol! They are advertised in random places and are often connected to big events in the city (For example Doors Open). They are trying to get their blog page up and running again so that would be one source.
        Good luck with the costume society idea. My friend and I are struggling getting the numbers up in ours. I think the two biggest road blocks for historical costume groups are Canada’s lack of interest in its own history and people not being interested sewing outfits. People interested in Steam Punk, Goth, or Comic Con genres can usually find well established groups.
        To start a historical group, the first thing is to find one person who wants to start this thing with you. Two people are a group and two people can have fun dressing up even if no one else wants to join. Then you need to decide what your group’s goals are: multi eras or just one, historically accurate or what ever makes you feel pretty, you make your costumes or you buy them. Once you know what you want, look around and see if that is out there for you-don’t reinvent the wheel. My friend and I knew of two costume groups. One strives for high historical accuracy around the 1812 time period. The high accuracy seemed too stressful and costly to us and we were more interested in Victorian years. The other group just wants to feel pretty and so they blend all kinds of era’s together to achieve outfits that make themselves feel pretty. That group was too relaxed for us. So once we knew what was out there, we knew what we wanted and what we didn’t want and knew we wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel if we started our group. Then we just showed up in historical places and met people that way, we’ve met people through this blog, and through volunteering with other groups who are interested in similar things. And then cross your fingers!

  2. Leiflynn jeffery says:

    I would definitely be interested in the blog for the Museum and your pictures. Keep me posted. I agree about nothing along the lines of costume groups. We are too young in Canada. My community didn’t come into being until 1905 so that is the era I am most interested in. Can’t really picture the Victorian dresses here we are too rustic, but there had to have been that sort of dress in the cities. I really want to get my costume off the ground so I can use it at our local museum. I have made all the pioneer dresses for the summer workers at the Museum, but now I need something for walking around the Museum and other events. Thanks so much for the pointers.

    • I wish you luck on your group! Some times my pal and I pretend we are city folk visiting their rustic cousins in the bush country. It explains our prissy costumes in rustic forts! I found the web page of the Costume Museum. The blog seems to have died after a volunteer left. But the web page has the pop up exhibits on its events tab.

      • Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

        What a good idea to pretend you are just visiting. I think this has inspired me to try a late Victorian costume. Thank you fo the link to the costume museum, I enjoyed that. So much to see sew little time. I might have to make a trip to Winnipeg to check out these things, but not until I get my costume done.

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