Match box a la Victorian

The hubby and I went to a flea market today and I made a small purchase. It is a portable container for matches.  They were called Vestas because that is what the match was originally called.

In 1832, William Newton patented the “wax vesta” in England. It consisted of a wax stem that embedded cotton threads and had a tip of phosphorus. Variants known as “candle matches” were made by Savaresse and Merckel in 1836.


Gold tone…I believe it is brass.


The back side is plain.


You put the matches in here. The hinge moves easily and closes firmly.


It has a built in strike surface on the bottom.

I found another one on Pinterest that is very similar and is dated at 1890’s.

By the 1890’s, some attempts were made to make the manufacture of matches safer for the workers.  They also attempted to solve the problem of the matches rubbing together and igniting on their own. They came up with matches similar to what we have now.  This means I will load this baby up with some matches and hang them from my home made chatelaine. SAM_1852 (2)

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