Turn the page: family

The next set of pages in my Victorian photo album features a lady and a family.


The family photograph has three women, 6 men and 4 children.  So one can assume it is either a group of friends or extended family.  There are no photographers marks on this card to help with location or date.  The photograph seems to be taken in front of a house so is this an amateur photographer?1b

When I zoomed in on the photograph I thought the fellow on the right in the front looked familiar.

1b (2)

I think he looks a lot like this fellow…. (also from the album).  What do you think?  Same guy?SAM_3263

This is the lady on the other page.1c

The St. Mary’s, likely refers to St. Mary’s Ontario.  There was a photographer there by that name who was working 1878-96.  I am wondering if this is a reprint of an older photograph.  Her style of clothing seems more 1860’s to me.  Very pretty lady.


2 thoughts on “Turn the page: family

  1. I think that’s the same gentleman too! He could be the patriarch of the family.

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