Progress Report-sewing in the dungeon

My son moved back home (yeah!) but I lost my sewing room (boo).  I did not wish to go back to the days where all my stuff was scattered all through the house and sewing days meant no family meals because my table was occupied.  So I cleared some crap out of the laundry room and set up head quarters there.  Today was the inaugural launching of sewing in the dungeon and it went well.  I have been working on TV444 which is a Spanish Jacket.  The inspiration is the black dress on the left.tv242colorfin

Since my version will be in red, it is obvious that the goal is “general impression”.IMG_20160416_170523409

Bodice and sleeves are assembled as well as the lining.  I’ve stopped here to consider how I will trim this because there is a good possibility that trimming will be easier at this stage.  I’m also considering relaxing those darts a bit.  The added bulk of the shirt seems to be making, what should be a loose item, seem a bit snug.  But it may not be needed as I am squishier than Trudy.  Lets just say there is more “give” in the strategic spots.

As a quick side note, I am thrilled at the latest addition to my Home Pastures dishware set.  It has been ages since I found a piece at a decent price!IMG_20160415_054559738





One thought on “Progress Report-sewing in the dungeon

  1. I made this jacket and, although I made the skeeves, I never put them on. I was using it for a fancy dress costume.

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