Turn the page: Bar pin beauties

The next page in my cabinet card album features two women who both happen to be wearing bar pins.2a

The lady on the left seems to be a blond with a kind, round face and bright eyes.2b

Her photograph was taken in Buffalo NY by J.R. Potter2cPotter worked in Buffalo 1863-1908.  Sometimes he worked with others and sometimes he worked alone.  He was working alone at this address from 1882-91.2d

The other lady does not have any markings on her card to give clues to location or dates.2e

She seems considerably younger and she seems to have very short hair. She may have a bun at the back but she seems to have very short hair around her face.  She also has something on her head, either a small hat or ribbons.  If she is as young as she seems then ribbons would seem the correct thing on her head.


One thought on “Turn the page: Bar pin beauties

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