HSF 16: challenge 3 Gender Bender

I have been very productive this weekend.  I repaired a reticule that had loose trim and the chain kept snagging on my gloves and then breaking.  IMG_20160424_180510752

I tacked the beading down again and then wove a ribbon through the chain.  I hope the ribbon will provide strength to the chain and also help reduce the number of times it hooks on my gloves.

I also re-did the Garibaldi shirt I made earlier this year.  IMG_20160228_175348353The pattern called for the ribbon to go across the shoulders and on the cuffs.  I was good with that.  But the one down the front….  It bugged me a bit. A participant in the Facebook page for the Historical Sew Fortnightly commented on it.  She offered up another suggestion that involved more ribbon than I had but it was enough to get me to rethink the whole thing.  This is what I came up with. (Note to self: corset cover needs to be on my to do list!)IMG_20160424_180754926

I’m happier with this.  The best part is I got to use the antique buttons that I had originally bought for this project!IMG_20160424_180822882I also finished the bolero.  I posted about all the options I had for finishing it yesterday, but  I ended up using another suggestion I got on the Facebook page.IMG_20160424_183105110

This looks much better to me than yesterday’s incarnation!  See the before and after.

So here are the stats:

The Challenge: #3 Gender Bender. Boleros were inspired by the matador’s chaquetilla.

Material: Poly blend damask.  Likely intended for curtains.  Poly blend for lining.

Pattern: TV444

Year: 1864

Notions: trim (cotton machine lace, poly ribbon), clasp, hook and eye

How historically accurate is it?  The pattern is good.  The fiber content is not. The weave of the fabric…well that is beyond my expertise but I believe the color is plausible.  It was machine sewn which is possible for a wealthy home or seamstress.  The clasp is old but not likely as old as 1860’s (late Victorian/early Edwardian?)  I intend this to be a dress that I (a middle aged lady) will wear walking out and visiting.  If a real Victorian saw me in it I don’t believe they’d be shocked or confused by my appearance.  And they’d all want to know how come dirt comes out of my dress so easily and why it doesn’t fade in the wash! I will give it 80%.

Hours to complete: 12-15

First worn: It will be worn next December at a Dickens Festival.  No freak out sewing in the car on the way there for this girl!



2 thoughts on “HSF 16: challenge 3 Gender Bender

  1. severn14 says:

    Love the buttons! The new bolero looks good. Pretty trim!

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