Tuesday’s treasure: the unknowns

Most Tuesdays I volunteer at the Costume Museum of Canada and I photograph some of my favorite finds to share here. This week’s feature is a group of pins that I think are Victorian/Edwardian but there is no official date for them.  So they are the pretty unknowns.unknowns a

Which one is your favorite? The one with the speckled stones?unknowns c

The one with the multi-colored stones ? (That makes me think it could be part of a plot for a Celtic mystical magic book. Each stone holds a special power and when combined on the pin, the holder has all the magic needed to become king.)unknowns dOr is it the one with the dangly chain?unknowns e

Or are you a big fan of purple?unknowns b

I can not tell a lie…I love the purple one best.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s treasure: the unknowns

  1. in a way it’s sort of comforting that somewhere those top two are in a museum. (I’m fairly certain there are places in Scotland where you can stillbuy the multi coloured one) because there are so many of them around at flea markets

    • Manitoba Canada has a strong foundation in Scotland. Many of the original white settlers were from Scotland. (Actually, many Scots settled in south central Canada. My Great Great Grand parents were Scots who settled in south Ontario.) There a lot of clothing and accessory items in the museum that have a Scottish history because of that. I can’t tell you how many Scotch thistle pins I found from unknown dates. Its like a highland dance troop donated their items!

  2. Jeannie H. says:

    I do love the purple one.

  3. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    I have to vote for the purple one! Wonder what the people were like, what their lives were like. Guess we will never know. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • I often get struck by the idea that this museum item was worn by a person with thoughts and feelings. She got up in the morning and lived life. She had ups and downs and then she died. She was real. Not a character in a book or movie. I feel sad that I will know really know what it was like being all these people.

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