So many ideas. So little time.

I saw this photograph….1860's dress day lilac tambour Glascow…on the American Duchess’ blog.

I thought, “Oooo, how pretty!  I want to make one of those”. As you do.

It is done in a tambour muslin.  “What is that?,” you may ask.  I had to ask the same question. Off to the world-wide web for the answer.  I found this photograph which summed it up nicely.

Tambouring1Basically, you pencil in a pattern on a fabric and punch a fine hook through the fabric, along the pattern line.  You hook the tread and pull it through.  You continue along, basically doing a crochet chain stitch through the fabric.  To get a dress like the one above, you’d be doing some major Netflix marathons!  The real trick would be to keep the stitches consistent.  The temptation would be to let the stitches get bigger and bigger so you could go faster and faster.

If I did a dress like this, I’d also like to add a detail like this one.  I can’t recall where I found this but it is quite pretty and looks more complicated than it is.12993497_1105828362808570_8115833867320330133_n


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