Memory Lane

I’ve been walking down some of the old mental pathways of my childhood.  It started by finding an old cheese dish on eBay exactly like one my mom had when I was a kid.  Of course, I had to buy it!162046105810_1When I was a kid (back in the days of individually wrapped rubber cheese slices) it didn’t get used for cheese.  Mom would leave money or keys or notes in there.  It was the message board of my home.  I have no idea what happened to it.

I have the mate.  The butter dish. I don’t know if it was sold together or even if it was from the same company.  I just always thought they belonged together.  My butter dish was used as a butter dish through my adult years and run through the dishwasher a time or two.  This was before I knew that was a dumb thing to do.  Poor thing.img_20160430_151747606.jpg

The cheese dish will look cute with my butter dish and salad bowl.  I have no idea where I got this.  img_20160430_151822049.jpgFor some reason the salad bowl was used and abused far less than the butter dish!

Anyway, finding and buying “new” old memories reminded me that I wanted to try and replicate some cookies my grandma used to make my brother and I.  I have a recipe written in her hand that sounded right but when I made them, they looked wrong.  They turned out flat and I remember them being like little hills. Then it occurred to me that the issue might  not be the recipe but her stove!  If her stove was too hot they would rise rather than spread out.  Low and behold, in the hotter oven, on a dark pan on the lower oven rack, they turned out.img_20160430_125530404.jpg Perfect!  (I had a light color pan on a higher rack and they were all wrong!)  So now I know!

I have been eating the little devils all day.  And joy of joys, my family is not so keen!  They are molasses cookies so more spicy than sweet and that makes them mine ALL MINE! Muahahahahaha!


One thought on “Memory Lane

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