Newfie mitts and hat

I dug a project out of the UFO pile to work on during my lunch breaks at work and this is what I finished.img_20160510_215813190.jpg

I had intended on putting this into my craft sale pile but I think I will keep them for myself. I’m always attracted to that green but it looks like crap on me.  Having the white next to my skin seem to neutralize the problem.  The pattern is a Newfie mitten pattern which you can find with a quick Google search.  I believe that the name comes from being a common stitch in Newfoundland Canada.  It is a fun stitch.  Enough going on to keep one from getting bored but not so complicated that one can’t watch TV while doing it.


One thought on “Newfie mitts and hat

  1. severn14 says:

    Pretty! It looks so cool with the green background and the white lattice over it.

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