Victorian at Heart 2016 Costume Season is launched

The first costume event is both exciting and stressful.  It is exciting because we are putting on pretty dresses and doing fun things.  And we are frequently the center of attention. The extrovert side of me loves this.

Costume events are stressful too.  Will that dress/corset still fit?  Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? “People will look at me and think I am nuts!” That last bit comes from the anxious introvert in me.

I have to ignore the Introvert’s protests and get dressed and venture out.  And I’m always pleased that I did.  It is like parachuting.  You don’t want to jump out of the plane but once you do, it is a thrill.  Or so they tell me.  No freaking way I’d ever jump out of a perfectly functional plane.  That is just nuts.

This years first event was a play at a local church.  The play was called My Fair Brit and was about a British man who lands in the wild west and tries to fit in but his accent and frilly language makes it very difficult for him to communicate and make friends.  In true wild west fashion, Shirley and I donned bustle dresses and enjoyed the play!  After the play, we were allowed to use the stage as a back drop.SAM_3649

I brought a shawl because we have been having freakishly cold weather this spring.  I was glad I brought it.

This next photo is my favorite.  SAM_3651

I also really like this one.SAM_3652

The cast of the play was so friendly, they even allowed us to take some pictures with them.SAM_3654

There is that wardrobe malfunction!  My bodice seems to have ridden up under my arm pit!

In between acts, there was coffee, tea and dessert.  I was a real piggy and had two desserts!


We are well and truly off to a good start.  The next event is in two weeks time!

2 thoughts on “Victorian at Heart 2016 Costume Season is launched

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Ohhhh, you ladies look so nice. How fun to have an event to go to. I think I am going to be thinking everyone will be thinking I am nuts with this get up on, but I spent so much time creating it I want it to be seen. We will see this summer when I am ready (I hope) to be seen in the historic village at our museum. I am going to make a bustle outfit besides my Edwardian one. Thanks for the inspiration you have been spreading around.

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