Cut cut cutty cut

Why do I always think “the next step is cutting my fabric…that will take a half hour tops”.  So stupid!  I spent over two hours cutting out my skirt.  I cut out some where around 32 pieces…5 of which I had to cut twice because I cut out the wrong material.  Really, how does one do that?  That cost some wasted fabric…grrrr.

There is actually 6 pieces I didn’t have to cut because I planned on using wide lace instead.  I bought tons of that thinking there would be left overs for cuffs FOR SURE! Not.  I didn’t buy enough length and the lace I bought is too narrow so I will need 50% more to piece it together and make it wider. I will need 6 meters more to do what I want! I went from having plenty left over to needing 6 more meters.   Please God, let there still be some in the store!

It is just a “simple” skirt?  How can it be so much work to cut it out?

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