The modern side

During the accessories display the Costume Museum had Victorian and Edwardian accessories on one side of the room and they had more modern items on the other.  Even though this is not my particular interest, I did take some broad photographs of these items because I did help a bit with them as well.


1920’s outfit


1930’s beach ensemble


A table full of 20’s and 30’s accessories.


1940’s suit


1950’s casual wear


A table full of 40’s and 50’s things.

We will be back to our regular Victorian features next time.  Thanks for indulging me!



2 thoughts on “The modern side

  1. severn14 says:

    Haha! I did the same sort of picture taking. More detailed pics of the older stuff and general pics of the later stuff. You can totally see where our priorities lie! 😉

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