Turn the page: possible last name

It has been a month and a half since my last posting about my cabinet card album.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully, this post will worth the wait.3a

We will start with the photo on the right because we want to finish this post with a bit of a bang.3d

This poor thing got into the hands of a child.  Luckily, the damage isn’t so bad that we can’t see the ladies.3e

My guess is this is a daughter/mother photo because they look related.  “Mom’s” hair is firmly 1880’s.  Daughter’s is smoother and bigger on the top…transitioning towards Gibson girl hair perhaps.  Her sleeves are pretty big too.  So my guess for dating is late 80’s-early 90’s.  The embossed border started in 1894 so perhaps my estimate of early 90’s is most accurate.

Okay, now for the good stuff!3b

Nice family photo and I think this is my first photograph with a pet!  We have 4 children, 2 of which are plainly boys.  The other 2, I can’t guess.  They are before the age of breeching (switching to pants) and the hair seems to be combed forward.  Center parts imply girls and side parts are boys in the Victorian era-I don’t know what combing forward means.  If I were to guess based on their dresses I’d say the older one is male.  There is lace but the pleats seem hard and crisp and that says male to me.  There is much more lace on the youngest one so perhaps this is a girl.

The gold mine is on the back!3c

Someone has taken the time to label this.  Annie McVictie -> and children.  This I interpret as Annie is the mother of these 4 children.  Lucy Reilly (Grandma. This I interpret as the other woman is named Lucy Reilly and she is the writer’s grandmother.

The name Lucy came up before. There is a card labelled “to Lucy” and I hoped this meant that Lucy owned the album.  Now Lucy has a last name…Reilly!  There is another card in the album that says “to Uncle Will”.   So potentially, the album owners are Will and Lucy Reilly.  I ran these names on Google but didn’t get far…I kept hitting sites that want me to pay money to see what they can offer.  If I wont do it to trace my own kin, I wont do it to trace strangers!

Now my question is, “which lady is Lucy?”  The lady on the left seems to be sitting closer to the younger children and seems to be holding the baby so I think she is Annie.  Also the inscription lists the non-family member first so I think the writer labeled the people in the same order as their seating arrangement.  So I think the lady on the right is our cabinet card album owner!  I will have to go back over the album and see if I can find more photos of her or at least look for family resemblances.

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