Completed project: fixed cheap loom

I bought a cheap weaving loom at a garage sale this past week and then found it was so cheap because it was missing a few parts. img_20160609_200628580.jpgIt was missing the shuttle, but I have one I made when I was trying tablet weaving.  It is missing the beater but a comb or fork should do the trick.  Today, hubby and I replaced the other 3 missing parts.  Two are dowels that are loose (which is likely why they got lost).  They are loose because that is how you remove the finished product without having to cut the threads.img_20160611_161318300.jpg

One of the new dowels is white and sitting up top and the other is also white and sitting under the front of the loom.

The other missing piece is an apparently optional secondary latch but I think if it is meant to have two it should have two.  img_20160611_162700405.jpg

The missing piece was the mirror of the short dowel with the nob on the end…it looks like a hammer.  The nob’s job is a bit of a weight.

I got the hubby to help me make another one.

And here is the completed replacement.  We used a nut and screw as the weight.img_20160611_162710381.jpg

It ain’t pretty but I think it will work.  Now all I need is the time to get caught up on all my other projects (I’m nearly 2 weeks behind in the latest Historical Sew Monthly project!) so I can try it.   It is my job!  If it isn’t robbing me of time to do things, it is robbing me of the will to live.  (Crafting is life is it not?)

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