Great Train Robbery 2016

It was time for the annual train robbery trip on the Prairie Dog Central.  Here are some of the best from my camera.


Lottie’s first time for the train robbery!


Shirley cozying up to the Sheriff!


The “robbery” raised over $700 for cancer patient services.

We stopped in Grosse Isle for some food and photo ops.


Good advice for our young female traveler posted on the wall behind her!


Here is the group posing with some of the desperados!

It was a cool wet day so some of the costume details got lost in wraps but Lottie and Shirley were in 1890’s and I was in 1880’s.23.jpg

We spent some time in the little house from 1880’s.  A good place for photos when it is raining.

That was fun!

2 thoughts on “Great Train Robbery 2016

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Oh what fun! This looks absolutely great. Wish I was there.

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