Turn the page: last of the Cabinet Cards

This post will be the last of the cabinet cards in my antique photo album.  The last few pages are carte de visite  sized (the smaller photographs that some used to hand out to and trade with friends and visitors).

4aCloser view of the one on the left.4bThere is not to much on this card for dating.  The dress appears to be a bustle.  There is quite a bit going on the skirt which I like a lot. They look so young don’t they?  I also like that I can clearly see that hems didn’t always drag on the ground like they seem to in fashion plates!  I think the higher hems were more common in the 1880’s, which fits the general dates of most of the cards in the album.

This next couple is more modern, moving towards the turn of the century.  She either has a very short hair cut or very thin hair in a bun in the back.  The side part for a woman is not too common.  Her fella is quite handsome I must say!

4c 4d

J Leary and Co was working in St. Mary’s Ontario from 1891-96 so this is a later card than I have been finding in my album.  Hope you enjoyed!

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