HSF: Challenge 5 holes

Well HOLEY cow! I am late with this challenge.  And in fact, I have had to do some switching up of my plans because last months challenge wouldn’t have been finished for this month and neither would this months planned project.  I made a day cap for last months challenge yesterday.IMG_20160625_123514487IMG_20160625_123320221

What the item is: A day cap

The Challenge: Holes-lace has holes-obviously!

Fabric/Materials: cotton for base, 6 m of cotton lace, poly ribbon.

Pattern: self drafted based off of photographs of original caps…this was my main inspiration….


Year: I will wear with 1830-50’s dresses

Notions: none

How historically accurate is it? The shape is not bad. It is mainly hand sewn.  (I used the machine to finish the edges of the base.) The base and lace are at least natural fibers but silk was more likely used. The poly ribbon is wrong-but available and cost effective. The lappettes that I have seen have been single pieces that have been tatted in the correct shape and not a ribbon with lace based around it. The fact that I, as an older woman, have been running around with out one of these on my head all these years is shocking and so having one will up my accuracy game a bit!

Hours to complete: 5

First worn: for this photograph

Total cost: $30…most of the cost being for the lace.


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