Lost earrings

I’ve lost two earrings, one from two different pairs in the last two weeks.  Really annoying.  I’m really upset about one as the pair came from my grandma and they go really well with a ring and pin from her as well.

How about a couple pair of earrings that have not lost their mates!  This set is from 1890-1900.1890-1900 earring CMC

Did you see the pineapple on the top?  At least it looks like an upside down pineapple to me.

Here is a cute pair with a star theme. I like the gold on black look.   1900 earrings CMC

Have a good week folks!

One thought on “Lost earrings

  1. Dorothy Simon says:

    What beautiful jewelry! I hate it when lose things. Hopefully the mates will turn up. If not, it’s still a beautiful memory. You could always have them made into either a ring or a pendant. ☺


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