Turn the page: okay I lied

I didn’t really lie, I just fudged the truth for ease of explanation.  In the last Turn the page post, I said that there were no more cabinet card pictures because the back of the book features carte de visites.   As you can see this was not the complete truth.5a

There is one more cabinet card of a very pretty girl.5b

What great eyes!  And she has some very nice jewelry and the embroidery(?) on her bodice is wonderful!  I like that it is asymmetrical.   I wonder what the bottom half looked like.5c

Her photograph was taken in Sudbury Ontario by AJ Lothian, who we see and find out about  earlier on in the album.

This is the fellow who had his photograph done by the same fellow in the same town.SAM_3344

If these two are not related I would be totally surprised!

The next time we do this “turn the page” stuff, we will look at the carte de visites on the next page.5d



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