Well…it is better…I guess…or may be not…

That title is definitely not said with a lot of conviction.  I have been working on this tea gown for nearly 3 years.  First incarnation: so ugly it wouldn’t photograph.  It hung like an ugly sack. The second incarnation fit better but was still ugly. I don’t think the third time is working out either.


Can you see the doubt in my eyes?

I do like the tassels on the tie.  And the lace on the sleeves is better.  Stupid lace on the bodice does break up the pattern-which was a goal, but it seems a bit….I don’t know….fluffy bordering on clownish?  Is breaking up pattern with more texture and pattern really helpful?

May be if I take off the bottom row of lace and iron it flatter….Or rip it all off and do something else….

The neck line is actually a high neck but it was nearly strangling me.  (I had moved the button too far over.) For the photographs, I tried turning the neck line down.  I do think my neck looks better in a lower neck line but it is far to much work to change that now.  I’m going to move the button back where it belongs and go with the high neck line with a brooch at the throat.  Question is…will there still be all that lace….  I’m thinking not….

Honestly, this dang thing gets worked on until this weekend and if I still can’t make it look nice I’m going to give up on it – AGAIN.IMG_20160712_202836793

I think facial expression says, “Lord help me.”

Welcome to the reality of costuming.  Not every piece “wants to be made” and not every project is glorious.



7 thoughts on “Well…it is better…I guess…or may be not…

  1. nonnaree says:

    I think the problem is that the lace is too heavy to gather. Try stitching it down flat instead. I think that will break up the pattern without overpowering. Hope you find a happy solution!

  2. severn14 says:

    The fit does look nice and I like the contrast of the ivory lace with that fabric. I think that maybe a more vertical, less fussy arrangement of lace would be more flattering. Here are some examples of period tea gowns that might be helpful with lace placement:
    Best on figuring out something before the weekend!

    • I think the last photo might do the trick! But since I hacked up all the lace for that Bozo the Clown incarnation, I will have to go out and buy more!

      • severn14 says:

        I think that you could just piece the lace back together where needed, instead of putting more money into it. Lots of the lace in that design is in smaller sections anyways. Also, now I want a tea gown! ;p

      • May be it could work. It may just unravel like a devil and be a real pain.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Wanda: Just found your blog and I love your work. I would suggest adding some red (ribbon, bows, etc) to the lace collar area, and then add something (more lace and red trim) to the hem. Fussing up the hem always adds something, particularly to a tea gown. The fabric itself is indeed lovely and I hope you can save it!

    • Thanks for the ideas. I like the red ribbon on the collar idea. I’m actually happy with the hem. Best part of the whole thing really! But I do like the red ribbon at the collar idea. When next it gets unearthed from its closet, I will have to see if I have some that picks up the red in the flowers.

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