Turn the page: the carte de visites

The last time I shared my cabinet card album, we were on the last of the cabinet cards and starting the smaller pictures.5a5d

First, the baby.  I have no clue of dates or location.  I’m gonna guess “girl” because of the center part, but that is all I got.  Look at her toes!


Why does Liza Doolittle pop into my head when I look at this picture?IMG_20160724_183326802

Oval pictures became popular in the 1870’s and from what I can see of the dress, this seems plausible.  Love her cuffs!

There is some damage to the next picture but it is pretty sweet.IMG_20160724_183354941

Look at the beadwork!  The hair style is different isn’t it?  The hair style is “out there” which was common in the 70’s. There is also a fair amount of props for such a small photo so that could indicate a 70’s date as well.

No clues about date or location for this fellow with the whiskers!


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