Co Co…the newbie waxes poetic

I have dozens of photographs from the event that could spawn dozens of posts.  I don’t even know what direction this post will take. What I do want you to take away from this is I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE!  The organizers did a great job!  I’m sure there were glitches, witches and stitches that did not go to plan and made their work HARD but to the uninitiated, it went smoothly!

I also want to say there was never a moment where I felt lonely or like an outsider. No, I lied!  I felt like a small little lonely mouse when I saw how big LA is!3

I wanted to shut down.  I was feeling trapped and surrounded by cars and concrete!5

I was all alone in the big city, not really knowing anyone except for the few familiar faces that following blogs gives you.

But, CoCo folk are good people! When I walked into a room alone, someone would say “Hey, are you waiting for someone or are you here alone?”  Once they knew I was alone, they’d invite me to join them.  Paige and her mom were the first to do this for me.27

One lady, who’s name I have now lost, had sympathy when I said I needed the grocery store but was too chicken to venture out on my own ( I literally only had to cross the street but I was scared to leave the safety of the group.) She took me under her wing and walked over with me.  Her kind act meant I would get some fruit into my diet and not spend the weekend with furry legs.

There was always random groups I could join if I weren’t keen on being alone.21

The one I used the most was the hospitality suite.

And it was easy to find a way to break the ice…comment on a witty part of someone’s costume.  “Fabric Hoarders Unite” was pretty funny!39

We had to rent a whole hotel to do that!

Sometimes, someone was dressed just like me!29

Will I go again?  You bet!

If you see yourself here and don’t want to, or you want more or less information included, please let me know.  I check this site twice a day.

One thought on “Co Co…the newbie waxes poetic

  1. severn14 says:

    Yay! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing all the dozens of pictures!

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