Coco=busy Saturday

I kept myself hoping on Coco Saturday.  I saw the market and picked up a few things.  To be shared at a later date.

I caught a few classes.  The short course, Millinery Mock ups clued me into why my bonnets don’t like to stay on my head. I saw Leimomi’s  talk “From Boteh to Paisley” and her talk on her experiment living as a woman in New Zealand would in 1916.  That was so cool!  I wish I could do that but in the Victorian Era.148

(I forgot to mention the talk by Suzi Clark on the write up for Friday.  It was really a sharing of her career in costuming.  She was a very interesting speaker.  She knew some of the big names in costuming personally.  And she was pretty personable.  I spoke with her a couple of times through out the weekend.  Such a nice person!)

I saw the Gallery of Costumes as well.  Some really impressive works there!

There was the Red Carpet and the Gala in the evening.  For financial reasons, I opted out of the dinner but did join the group for the dancing afterwards. 172

Well, I don’t really dance any more but I did sway to the beat! Here are my top picks for that night.

And top billing goes to the Worth Gown Reproduction!  I literally sobbed when I saw it!177

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